Self-Support Pressure Regulator

Reliable &Wearable: high-quality regulator provides you with long-time smooth running.

High-efficiency: Multi-level by mouthing a regulator.

Stable: No matter how much the upstream pressure change and equipment air consumption change are, it can stably control the outline pressure.

ZZYP self-support pressure regulator is a key link of automatic regulation in production. This instrument can maintain constant pressure that enables multi-level pressure reduction to be mono-level pressure reduction while needing no outline force. It is also energy-saving. Nomatter how large the upstream pressure change is, it can stably control the outline pressure. This instrument is applicable for automatic pressure regulation of staturated steam and non corrosive liquid and gas and is widely applied to industries like chemicals, petroleum, textile, light industry and ship.

Technical Index

Nominal pressure


cirulating medium


pressure control precision


pressure regulating range


Regulator retardation time


Connection style


Valve body material

Ductile cast iron, stainless steel, all inner parts steel

Diameter opening



Adjusting Method

In order to ensure that regulator can reach the required technical performance, correct regulator adjusting method must be mastered. It is possible that customers inform us to adjust it within the required range when placing order or adjust it by themselves as per their requirements:

1.Check if the stamped pressure regulating range on product nameplate falls in your required pressure control range.

2.Open the front and back throttle valves, close by-pass valve.

3. When regulator starts working, observe the pressure meter behind valve [loosen fastening(2)]. If the pressure is laver than your requirement, slowly turn adjusting bolt(1) clockwise till the required pressure then fasten the nut. On the contrary, pressure will drop by turning the adjusting bolt anticlockwise.


Regulator is composed of control organ, amplification organ, pressure sensing diaphragm and main valve. It receives signal through input conduit(8). Signal flows to amplification chamber to impel pressure sensing diaphragm through pressure pipe(7) to drive valve move up and down so as to control the opening extent of main valve. The back of valve's pressure will feedback the back of valve's pressure signal, adjust the opening of  pilot valve to keep balance with controller through feedback conduit(4), so as to have the pressure and flow adjusted automatically.

Installation and Operation Maintenance

1.Regulator should be installed vertically to pipeline. The arrow direction on valve body should be in accordance with the direction of circulating medium. There should be some space kept(50cm at least) for the convenience of repair.

2.Throttle valve and pressure gauge should be installed in front of and behind regulator respectively as well as by-pass valve (refer to installation Diagram)

3.Please shut throttle valve when regulator is not used.

4.If regulator has been without working for a long time, please first loosen the drainage bolt(6) to discharge condensing water then fasten it before use.

5.For the sake of customers' installation position, if the control distance point is far, customers should inform us when ordering so that we can customize conduit, whose generally length is less than 5 meters.

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