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RICH's nitrogen vulcanization process technology replaces the traditional superheated vulcanization process and has achieved success in the rubber/tire industry. The advantages of nitrogen vulcanization technology:

. Reduce the investment in public works necessary for the steam generation process, and at the same time reduce the emissions of NOX and COX, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

. The nitrogen vulcanization process is stable, saves energy and reduces costs.

. High-purity nitrogen removes the premature aging and damage of the vulcanizing capsule under the action of oxygen, and the capsule use time is extended by 25-50%, saving equipment use and maintenance costs.

. To improve product quality, tire performance indicators have been improved in terms of mileage, durability, uniformity, and press-through ability.

. Easy to use, the pressure can be adjusted within a certain range, and the pressure rise time is short.

. Nitrogen can be recycled and the recovery rate is about 40%.

The special nitrogen generator for the rubber tire industry is suitable for the fields of nitrogen protection and molding in the vulcanization process of rubber and tire production. Especially in the production of all-steel radial tires, the new nitrogen vulcanization process has gradually replaced the steam vulcanization process, with high nitrogen purity , Continuous production, high nitrogen pressure etc.


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