Plateau with psa equipment

The oxygen generator is used in the room of the plateau to enjoy the free breathing on the plateau
Health, comfort, freshness, convenience, energy conservation, silence

  • Alleviating altitude sickness

    The equipment can improve the indoor environment by increasing the oxygen content (oxygen concentration) of semi-airtight space, effectively alleviate altitude sickness, improve sleep quality and eliminate fatigue.

  • Release the traditional oxygen absorption

    Clean air: the equipment adopts psa technology and uses medical oxygen molecular sieve to absorb harmful gases such as CO2, CO and H2S in the air.

  • Convenient operation

    The humanized design of indoor controller can operate the equipment through the remote control just like household appliances, which is convenient and simple.

  • Energy saving and efficient mute environment

    The whole machine consumes less power, produces oxygen quickly and costs less to use oxygen.
    The noise is slight when the equipment is running, which creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you.

Technical Index

Product model: MB-10GF/A

Average yield of pure oxygen: >1.1m3/h(20℃,101.325KPa)

Average air output: >1.6m3/h(20℃,101.325KPa)

Average oxygen concentration:>70%(V/V)

Product noise:Inner machine noise≤30dB(A) External noise≤55dB(A)

Rated power:1500W

Power supply specification:220±10V/50±1Hz

Control mode: Remote or manual

Overall dimensions: External machine:800×420×800(mm)

Inside the machine:600×280×125(mm)

Product quality: about 95kg for external machine and 9kg for internal machine

Applicable environment: the room with a usable area of 18m2 has better sealing effect

This product is applicable to families, nursing homes, schools, hotels, sports places, bars, Internet cafes, oxygen-bar, office buildings, offices and plateaus.


With air as the raw material, using pressure swing adsorption technology, using medical oxygen molecular sieves to increase the adsorption capacity of nitrogen under pressure.

The characteristics of reducing nitrogen adsorption capacity during decompression can form the cycle process of pressurized adsorption, decompression and desorption, achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and continuously produce the oxygen used for dispersing. The oxygen standard reaches the medical oxygen level.

Components of Generator

The equipment is composed of diffusion - type oxygen generator, external machine and controller.

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