Sterilizing Air Filter

In food,chemical and biological,beverage,beer,pharmacy,electronic and other industries,multi-stage precision filtration of compressed air still can't prevent bacteria, but aseptic air is neccessary. RICH's steel stainless sterilizing filter can meet demanding requripment for these industries. 

Technical Index

Model  Max. working pressure:1.0MPa Air inlet temperature:1.5~65℃












Filter element mode
RCJ0015 1.5 340 130 G3/4 4.91 CJ0015
RCJ0036 3.6 485 160 G1 7.31 CJ0036
RCJ0048 4.8 485 160 G11/2 7.845 CJ0048
RCJ0072 7.2 528 170 G11/2 10.7 CJ0072
RCJ0087 8.7 528 170 G11/2 11.32 CJ0087
RCJ0120 12 705 180 G2 11.95 CJ0120
RCJ0160 16 815 195 G2 14.65 CJ0160
RCJ0200 20 915 195 G2 15.7 CJ0200

The sterilization filter is mainly composed of upper barrel, lower barrel, filter core component, filter core derrick component, instrument and so on. Compressed air containing dust and water enters the container from the inlet of the filter and passes through the tubular core from the outside. Under the combined action of direct interception of the combined filter bed, inertial collision, gravity settlement and other filtration mechanisms, the tiny fog-like particles are further captured and precipitated in the process of penetrating the filter bed. Finally, the separation of gas-liquid and dust particles is realized in the inner layer of gravity sedimentation layer, and the droplets and dust particles are discharged from the sewage outlet.

This series of products elaborately made filter core component, its purification degree is high, the resistance is small, the filter capacity dust quantity is big, the life is long, the overall structure is compact, the operation and maintenance is convenient.

Components of Generator

Shell: according to German standard,refined 304 or 316 stainless steel, both inside and outside are high-precision polished,coupled with specical material housing locking collar,withstand pressure reaches 1.6MPa.

Filter element: stainless steel sterilizing filter element,fast and easy replacement,filtering precision 0.01 um,100% removal of bacteria and all kinds of bacteriophag

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