Professional gas solutions

Professional & Applicable Gas Utilization Solutions

Simple and reliable on-site nitrogen supply method,  lower operating cost, and  our pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology has reached the international advanced level


Industry Applications

One-stop solution provider

Rich’s marketing services is widely applied to petroleum, chemical enginnering, coal mine, metallurgy, automobile, medical treatment, food, aviation, etc.  


Service support

Perfect service system, professional technical team

Provide reliable on-site nitrogen and oxygen supply equipment (including equipment renewal) and fast service for customers worldwide to reduce gas costs.


Sense of Worth

Market oriented, customer satisfaction

Create win-win situation, be honest and trustworthy, ensure safety, protect the environment. 



  • Air separated equipment
  • Nitrogen Purifier
  • Filter
  • Control valve
  • More
  • Molecular sieve nitrogen generator

    High reliability, high stability, high performance, low operating cost

  • Molecular sieve oxygen generator

    A number of national patent technology,Preferred equipment for the field supply of low purity oxygen

  • Nitrogen Generator for Coal Mine

    Service Coal Mine 18 years
    The world's first coal mine Nitrogen Generator

  • Cabinet Nitrogen Generator

    We have the perfect after-sales service and technical support

  • NCHa Nitrogen Purifier

    Simple and efficient nitrogen purification method

  • JNCH Nitrogen Purifier

    High efficiency and energy saving gas purification process, national invention patent technology.

  • NCHc Nitrogen Purifier

    High purity nitrogen repurification, suitable for high purity raw gas or small gas...

  • NCRs (NCRd) Nitrogen Purifier

    It doesn't require a hydrogen source, a gas purifying device designed for non-hydrogen or hydrogen gas.

  • Threaded High-efficient Air Filter

    Super decontamination, lower pressure drop, lower cost, six kinds of filters...

  • Flanged Filters

    Super decontamination, lower pressure, lower costs, six filters, to ensure the quality of the air supply.

  • Sterilizing Air Filter

    Compressed air sterilization of the best choice, Germany similar product standard design.

  • pipeline pneumatic valve

    National patent products, excellent control performance, millions of service life

  • Check Valve

    It is compact in appearance, simple in design, convenient in installation and maintenance…



About Us

With more than 4.500 plants built worldwide since 1979, RICH GAS is a highly respected manufacturer of on-site gas plants for nitrogen generation and oxygen generation.

RICH GAS manufactures cost-effective, safe and reliable on-site generation systems for high quality industrial gases (i.e., oxygen plants and nitrogen plants).  Our plants can be used in a wide range of industries, such as petrochemical/natural gas, coal, rubber/tires, food and beverage, glass, healthcare, metal (heat treatment, smelting), electronics, paper and so on. 

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