NCHa Nitrogen Purifier

Simple and efficient nitrogen purification method

This technology is suitable for simple molecule nitrogen hydrogen oxygen carbon monoxide carbon dioxide gas and inert gas argon helium krypton neon gas, as well as low carbon straight chain saturated hydrocarbon methane ethane propane butane and other gases, hydrogenation remove oxygen impurity or oxygenation remove hydrogen impurity, obtain high purity gas.

  • High Reliability

    With independent advanced patented technology, advanced energy-saving process and self-made deaeration catalyst, the equipment is more secure, reliable and has longer service life.

  • Patented technology of valve

    Unique programmable valve with tight structure, small space occupation, beautiful appearance and 1 million breakdown-free switching times.

  • Small footprint Automatic operation

    The device has the advantages of simple process, compact structure,high degree of automation, touch screen control, and remote control of equipment start-up and shutdown.

  • Effective guarantee for stable operation

    The device has good operation stability, high reliability, working under normal temperature and pressure, good safety performance. 

Equipment Specialities
Normal configuration function

Automatic control of programmable logic controller;

On line monitoring of nitrogen purity and flow rate;

The cold dry machine and filter are automatically drained.

Optional configuration feature

Automatic replenishment and automatic switching of standby nitrogen;

Man machine interface operation system;

Fault alarm, automatic closing, hydrogenation, solenoid valve;

Full automatic start and stop;

Technical Index
Raw gas


Ammonia decomposition of hydrogen

Product gas

oxygen content:0.01%~2%

pressure: 0.5MPa~1.0MPa


Pressure(MPa):≥feed gas pressure+0.05MPa


oxygen content:≤10ppm

The residual ammonia:≤10ppm

压力:≥feed gas pressure+0.05MPa


oxygen content:≤1ppm

hydrogen content≤1000ppm(Hydrogen purification projects excluded)

CO2 content:≤1ppm

Dust particle size:≤0.01μm

dustiness: ≤1mg/m3

dew point:≤-60℃


1. For the project whose raw material gas index is not within the scope, please consult our company for customization.

2. we can supply the products with hydrogen content of less than 500ppm, -60 degrees C, normal dew point less than -80 degrees.


NCHa gas purification unit uses catalytic reaction technology to promote the chemical reaction between oxygen impurities in gas and hydrogen to produce water, so as to completely remove oxygen impurities.


Components of Generator

NCHa nitrogen purification device consists of four parts: nitrogen pre-treatment system, automatic hydrogenation system, adsorption drying system and electrical control system. Specific accessories are touch screen orTD200, nitrogen analyzer, flowmeter, mass flow controller, programmable logic controller, deaerator, drying tower, cooling and drying machine, heat exchanger, filter, pipeline pneumatic valve, solenoid valve.

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