Molecular sieve nitrogen generator

High reliability, high stability, high performance
Low-cost operation
40 years of global service
Efficient field gas solution
Leading international patents

patented technology

  • Excellent Engergy-saving Features

    For 40 years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development and application of products. Compared with other nitrogen machines, our energy-saving rate is as high as 10%-30%.

  • Twenty years of service life

    The whole machine has a design life of up to 20 years. 20 years quality assurance for pressure vessels and program controlled valves.

  • Reliable work

    The system will automatically emptying substandard gas to ensure the quality.

    Not influenced process changing conditions, and resistant various impurities.

  • Convenient installation and maintenance

    No noise, less trouble, easy maintenance.

    Imported brand new hollow fiber membrance module with touch screen, fuly automatic micro-computer control.

Excellent Energy-saving Features Reduce Air Usage Cost

Advanced process flow directly reduces compressed air consumption

The energy-saving CMS nitrogen generator provided by RICH adopts unequal pressure equalization process
(RL-VI flow, patent certificate no.364126).This process changes the lower pressure equalizing position.
Pressure equalizing air is gotten from the middle part of adsorption finished tower and enters the bottom part of  desorption finished tower to equalize pressure. The inverted pyramid structure of nitrogen purity distribution
ensures nitrogen with higher purity to be equalized from adsorption tower to desorption tower,which realize the Original bedding purity ladder structure distribution.

This process improves desorption tower nitrogen purity and reduces CMS oxygen pre-adsorption in the
desorption tower and increases CMS utilization ratio,i.e,increases carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production rate.Compared with equal pressure equalization process,unequal pressure equalization process is more reasonable,scientific and mature.Direct effect is the increase of nitrogen recycle rate and nitrogen production volume,indirect benefit is energy-saving.With these designs mentioned above,RL-VI process not only improves nitrogen recycle rate and carbon molecular sieve utilization ratio,but also changes the history that no ppm class high purity nitrogen can be produced by PSA technology.

The higher nitrogen purity,the more energy-saving

Nitrogen Generation Process:clean compressed air flows inter tower A,when passing through the carbon
molecular sieve,oxygen,carbon dioxide,water and other contaminants are adsorbed,allowing nitrogen flows
out as product gas CMS in tower A becomes saturated as time goes by.Then tower A stops adsorption and
compressed air enters tower B to adsorb oxygen and produce nitrogen.Meanwhile,CMS in tower A begins
regeneration,Two towers make alternate adsorption and regeneration to separate nitrogen from air and 
continuously produce nitrogen.

World famous molecular sieve ensures maximum energy-saving

RICH has been cooperating with world famous molecular sieve manufacturers for more than ten years.RICH
can provide the most energy-saving products according to customers working condition.For some latest foreign

components,Rich has obtained the sole purchase right in China.

Advanced load adaptation technology further saves energy 

Load adaptation is a new concept developed by RICH in its PSA system R&D experiences.It is the achievement of RICH technical engineers based on many years simulation experiments and repeating demonstrations.Under the circumstance of air consumption decrease,load adaptation realizes energy consumption reduction by prolonging adsorbing circulation period and realizes extra energy-saving in typical load range.

The most reliable air cleaning process ensures adsorbing efficiency and lifetime of molecular sieve
Carbon molecular seve(CMS) is the core in PSA nitrogen generator.Oil poisoning is one of the main reasons for carbon molecular sieve invalidation.The adsorption of water reduces CMS’s oxygen adsorption capacity.Compressed air generated by oil lubricant air compressor contains oil and water,which must be removed before it enters oxygen/nitrogen separation assembly.Air cleaning assembly consists of pipeline filter,refrigerated dryer,precise filter,super precise filter,active carbon oil eliminator,automatic drain valve and ball valve.

Stable Operation

  • 01

    National patent compaction technology

    Stable compacting pressure,no alteration with travel length changes. Direct travel length measurement. With sinking alarm and automatic shutdown functions. The needed air of cylinders comes directly from adsorption towers. Cylinders work synchronously with adsorption towers at any time.

  • 02

    Professional technologies ensure reliable gas supply

    Two pneumatic valves connect with each other in series to control air source with contrary open/close state,one open,the other close.PLC judges the qualification condition of nitrogen based on nitrogen purity signal and controls the electromagnetic valve to open or close.These two electromagnetic valves control pneumatic valve switches to automatically discharge unqualified nitrogen.

  • 03

    Long-distance supervision and control

    In control room,touching screen/industrial personal computer displays nitrogen flow and purity,pressure,fault information,etc.Equipment operating parameter modification and equipment start/shutdown control can be achieved online.

  • 04

    Perfect protective measures

    Spare air source is suitable for areas where gas supply should not be stopped and areas with momentary high air consumption.In cases such as equipment fault,no gas supply due to power off,momentary unqualified nitrogen production,pneumatic valves automatically switch to spare nitrogen source and provide supplementary air supply.Spare nitrogen source includes nitrogen store tank,liquid nitrogen,etc.Unqualified nitrogen automatic discharge function is provided.

Humanized Control Design

The following are not part of the general functionality of the device and can be selected separately.

  • 05

    Friendly human-machine interface

    Touching screen/industrial personal computer displays nitrogen flow, purity, equipment inlet/outlet pressure and fault information.Operating parameter can be modified online

  • 06

    Optional functions

    spare nitrogen automaticswitch function in equipment,power off condition. automatic start /shutdown function(Remote control available). multiple store tanks automatic switch,shut down/re-start system function. Differdnt purity,different flow nitrogen production automatic switch in one machine End exhaust nitrogen recycle function.

  • 07

    Famous Compoents

    famous compoents ensure reliable equipment quality

  • 08

    Load Adaptability

    When the gas consumption of users is less than 100%, the gas production capacity of nitrogen production equipment is relatively rich.

Patent Technology
  • Excellent Energy-saving Features Reduce Air Usage Cost

    patent certificate no.ZL99101651.3

    The energy-saving CMS nitrogen generator provided by RICH adopts unequal pressure equalization process (RL-VI flow, patent certificate no.364126).This process changes the lower pressure equalizing position. Pressure equalizing air is gotten from the middle part of adsorption finished tower and enters the bottom part of desorption finished tower to equalize pressure.

  • Air tank ensures stable system air consumption

    patent no.:200510200406

    The function of air tank assembly is to ensure stable system air consumption,to prevent momentary fast air flow as oxygen and nitrogen separation system switches work.Failure to do so will greatly deteriorate air cleaning effort.This assembly improves the compressed air quality entering adsorption tower and prolongs carbon molecular sieve life time.This assembly contains air tank,safety valve,check valve,ball valve,pressure meter,etc.

  • National patent valve

    patent certificate no.89213676.6

    Actuator locates inside the valve body with excellent functions such as flexible open/close,swift reaction, obvious display with feedback indication, convenient installation and maintenance, good air tightness, zero leakage. Valve seat life time is three times of traditional ones.

  • Advanced load adaptation technology further saves energy

    patent no.:200810201703.5

    Load adaptation is a new concept developed by RICH in its PSA system R&D experiences.It is the achievement of RICH technical engineers based on many years simulation experiments and repeating demonstrations.Under the circumstance of air consumption decrease,load adaptation realizes energy consumption reduction by prolonging adsorbing circulation period and realizes extra energy-saving in typical load range.

Equipment Specialities
Normal configuration function

On line monitoring of nitrogen purity, pressure and flow rate

Man-machine operation system

Unqualified nitrogen sound and light alarm, long time alarm, automatic shutdown

Automatic reminder for vulnerable parts replacement

Automatic compacting of molecular sieve

Pneumatic valve switching is controlled by PLC automatically

Automatic drainage of cold dryer and filter

Optional configuration feature

Automatic nitrogen emptying

Load adaptation

Reserved RS485 communication port or industrial Ethernet communication terminal.

Standby nitrogen automatic switching system when equipment failure and power outage occur

Remote control / automatic (special)

Automatic switching, shutdown / restart system for multiple tanks

Terminal gas recovery system (specific scheme configuration)

One machine can produce more than two kinds of automatic switching systems with different purity and different flow rates.

IPC, DCS, other specific configuration of the specific configuration

Technical Index

Nitrogen flow:5~12000 m3/h(20℃,101.325kPa)

Nitrogen purity: ≥97~99.9995%(Customizable)

Dew point: ≤-45℃(Customizable)

Nitrogen pressure:0.05~0.8Mpa (Customizable)



PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption)is an advanced air separation technology.It remains an irreplaceable
standing in site gas supply field.

Principle of CMS Nitrogen Generation

Under adsorption balance condition,for any adsorbent,when adsorbs one sort of gas,the higher the air pressure is,the more quantity it can adsorb,vice versa.

As shown on the diagram above,carbon molecular sieve has obvious adsorption differences to oxygen and nitrogen. There are many tiny holes inside the carbon molecular sieve.Under certain pressure,the tiny holes have different adsorption capacity to oxygen and nitrogen.When air pressure increases,carbon molecular sieve adsorbs oxygen and produces nitrogen,when air pressure drops to normal condition,carbon molecular sieve desorbs oxygen and regenerates itself.Two towers are generally provided,when one absorbs oxygen and produces nitrogen,the other desorbs oxygen and makes regeneration.This alternate process constantly produces nitrogen.

Components of Generator

1.Compressed air cleaning assembly

Main parts:filters,refrigerated-dryer,oil remover.
Functions:remove inpurities such as water, oil and dust from compressed air, provide clean air source for oxygen and nitrogen separation assembly.

2.Air tank assembly

Main parts:air tank and accessorial valves.
Functions:buffer and reduce air pulsation, reduce system pressure fluctuation, ensure stable air passing through air cleaning assembly.

3.Oxygen and nitrogen separation assembly

Main parts: two adsorption towers, accessorial valves,carbon molecular sieve(CMS), cylinders and instruments.
Functions:separate nitrogen from other components in the compressed air.

4.Nitrogen buffer tank assembly

Main parts : buffer tank, flow meter, pressure regulating valves, etc.
Functions : balance the pressure and purity of produced nitrogen coming from oxygen and nitrogen separation assembly,ensure stable nitrogen supply.

  • Petrochemical/gas

  • Coalmine

  • Rubber Tire

  • Food & Drink

  • Glass

  • Pharmaceutical

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