Membrane oxygen generator

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Experience in system integration

High-end air purification and control system

  • Less investment in equipment

    Standard membrane component integrated engineering design, installation fast, easy to operate, can easily achieve product gas capacity by adding membrane separator.

  • Less equipment maintenance

    Without moving parts such as valve switching, the fault rate is very low, and the wearing parts do not need to be replaced regularly.

  • Rapid production of oxygen high purity

    The device is highly automatic, convenient and quick to open and stop, and reaches the product gas concentration within 10 minutes.
    Oxygen does not have any dust, particles, product gas clean.

  • Efficient stability well-adapted

    The device has strong operation independence, good stability, high reliability, good safety performance under ambient temperature and low pressure. The equipment form can be based on the user's application, including box, pry, container.

Technical Index

Oxygen Flow Rate:1~30000Nm3/h, when oxygen concentration is 30%, the cost of membrane investment, maintenance and use is only about 60%~80% of cryogenic and (V) PSA, and the larger the scale, the more economical the membrane.

Oxygen purity:30~45% (The purity of secondary separated oxygen can reach 90%).


Compressed air through the pretreatment system to remove oil, dust and other solid impurities and most of the gas, water enters the membrane separator, infiltration rate is quite fast after the gas oxygen through the membrane, the membrane penetration of side be enriched, and the penetration rate is relatively slow gas such as nitrogen, argon gas after being stranded on the retention side of the membrane enrichment as emission; The system can realize continuous and stable oxygen output under the control of PLC or DCS system.

Components of Generator

Membrane separation oxygen equipment can be divided into three standard sub-systems: air compression and pretreatment system, membrane air separation system and automatic control system.

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