NCRs (NCRd) Nitrogen Purifier

No hydrogen source is required for purification

Gas purification equipment specially designed for the production of hydrogen without or without hydrogen

  • High reliability High stability

    We have our own advanced patent technology, advanced energy saving process and self-made deoxygenation catalyst. The device has good operation stability, high reliability, normal temperature and pressure, good safety performance, and the life of 13X zeolite under normal operation and maintenance can reach more than 10 years.

  • Patented process control valve technology

    Unique programmed valve, compact structure, small space, beautiful and beautiful, switch up to 1 million failures.

  • Small footprint Design without hydrogen

    Simple process, compact structure, small floor space and minimum space requirements. This device is suitable for the gas purification equipment specially designed for the absence or non-use of hydrogen and has no requirement on carbon.

  • Automatic operation Simple maintenance

    High degree of automation of the device, touch screen control easy and quick start and stop, short start time, remote control device start and stop. The adsorber has unique structure, uniform air flow distribution and long contact time. The 13X molecular sieve is fully utilized to a large extent, and can be replaced with dehydrating desiccant or overhauled without stopping the machine.

Equipment Specialities
Normal configuration function

Programmable controller automation control;

Nitrogen purity and flow were monitored online;

Automatic discharge of air conditioner and filter;

Optional configuration feature

When equipment maintenance or external accident (power cut, etc.), spare nitrogen will be replaced automatically;

Man-machine interface operating system;

Cooling water fault alarm automatic open and stop;

Technical Index

Feed gas

Oxygen content:0.01%~0.1%

Pressure: 0.5MPa~1.0MPa

Product gas


oxygen content: ≤1ppm

CO2 content:≤1000ppm(except CO2 purification projects)

Dust particle size:≤0.01μm


dew point:≤-60℃

1. Please consult our company for any project whose raw material gas index is out of range.
2. The product gas 60 ℃ < atmospheric dew point - 80 ℃ or less we can special delivery.


This gas purification device is specially designed for users without hydrogen or cannot use hydrogen gas purification device, it is deoxidized by combustion method, let the impurities in the gas oxygen and 3093 deoxidizer (oxide) combustion reaction under 350 ℃, generates carbon dioxide, thus completely removing impurity oxygen.

It is usually used for the deoxygenation of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases containing impurity oxygen less than 0.1%.

Components of Generator

NCRd nitrogen purification device is composed of combustion deoxygenation system, adsorption and drying system and electrical control system. Specific accessories are touch screen orTD200, nitrogen analyzer, flow meter, programmable controller, combustion tower, drying tower, water cooler, heat exchanger, filter, pipeline pneumatic valve, electromagnetic valve.

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