JNCH Nitrogen Purifier

High efficiency and energy saving gas purification process

National invention patent technology

Especially suitable for the purification process of "gold gas" krypton, xenon and neon gas

Equipment Specialities
Normal configuration function

Automatic control of programmable logic controller;

On line monitoring of nitrogen purity and flow rate;

Automatic drainage of cold dryer and filter;

Optional configuration feature

Spare nitrogen automatic replenishment, automatic switch;

The human-machine interface system;

Fault alarm, automatically shut off the hydrogenated solenoid valve;

Full automatic open stop;

Technical Index

Feed gas
Oxygen content: 0.01%~2%
pressure: 0.5MPa~1.0MPa

purity(%): ≥99%

Ammonia decomposition hydrogen
oxygen content: ≤10ppm
The residual ammonia: ≤10ppm
Feed gas pressure : +0.05MPa

Product gas
purity: ≥99.9999%
Oxygen content: ≤1ppm
Hydrogen content: ≤1ppm(氢气纯化项目除外)
CO2 contetnt: ≤1ppm
Dust particle size: ≤0.01μm
dustiness: ≤1mg/m3
dew point: ≤-60℃

1. For the project whose raw material gas index is out of scope, please consult our company for customization.
2. To 60 ℃ < product gas atmospheric dew point - 80 ℃ or less we can special delivery.


NCHa gas purification system adopts catalytic reaction technology to promote the chemical reaction between oxygen impurities in gas and hydrogen added to produce water with the participation of catalyst, so as to achieve the purpose of completely removing oxygen impurities.

Components of Generator

NCHa type nitrogen purification device is composed of four parts: general nitrogen pretreatment system, automatic hydrogenation system, adsorption drying system and electrical control system. Specific accessories include touch screen orTD200, nitrogen analyzer, flow meter, mass flow controller, programmable controller, oxygen removal tower, drying tower, refrigerator, heat exchanger, filter, pipeline pneumatic valve, electromagnetic valve.

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