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RICH's coal mine nitrogen injection technology is a series of products innovatively researched and developed for the underground coal mining market demand, which can effectively restrain the underground coal mine gas explosion and coal dust explosion, and provide a strong guarantee for the underground safe coal mining operation. RICH provides horizontal mobile nitrogen injection products for underground coal mining operations. In particular, ultra-large nitrogen injection products fill the gap that domestic underground nitrogen injection products cannot be provided. We also actively expand the range of products and services.

RICH's coal mine nitrogen production machine is used in the fields of fire prevention and extinguishing, gas and gas dilution in coal mining. The equipment has three specifications: ground fixed type, ground mobile type and underground mobile type, which fully meets the nitrogen demand under different working conditions.

Currently, we have worked in Huaibei coal corporation, huainan coal corporation, Sichuan coal group furong company, Huating coal corporation, Xuzhou coal mining group, Shanxi Pingshuo Anjialing open-pit coal Co., LTD. Coal mines and mining authorities such as Ltd., Chongqing nantong mining limited liability company, Ningxia coal group company, Tongchuan mining co.,Ltd have been widely used.


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