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RICH's coal mine nitrogen injection technology is a series of products that are innovatively developed for the needs of the underground coal mining market. They can effectively suppress underground coal mine gas explosions and coal dust explosions, providing a strong guarantee for underground coal mining operations. RICH provides horizontal mobile nitrogen injection products for underground coal mining operations. In particular, ultra-large nitrogen injection products fill the gap where nitrogen injection products cannot be provided underground in China. We are also actively expanding the range of products and services to fix and mobile series products on the ground. The successful research and development of the product facilitates the user's choice of products.

RICH's coal mine nitrogen generator is used in the fields of fire prevention, gas and gas dilution in coal mining. The equipment has three specifications: ground fixed, ground mobile, and underground mobile to meet the nitrogen demand under different working conditions.

It has been widely used in many Chinese coal mining groups and mining bureaus.


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