Check Valve

Convenient installation and disassembly

In accordance with the requirements of medium flow direction, random direction installation can prevent medium from flowing backwards.

Axial static seal, good performance, long life time.

Low opening pressre, small pressure loss.

ZHF check valve is of exquisite profile,light weight, simple structure, convenient use, installation and repair, which is widely applied to pipeline control systems of industrial unit like chemicals, petroleum, metalurgy, light industry, testile and envirmental protection.
The vakve flap of ZHF check valve is opened by the force of medium so that fluid passes successfully. When inlet pressure is lower than outline pressure, valve flap closes immediately under the the action of medium's potential energy so as to effectively prevent medium from flowing backwards.

Main technical parameters

Technical Index

Used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, textile, environmental protection and other industries gas pipe control system.

Specification for material and performance of main parts:




The disc


Spring seat


Sealing material


Set the user

Suitable temperature


Nominal pressure

1.0, 1.6(MPa)

Valve seal test pressure


Body strength test pressure


Applicable medium

Water, steam, (non corrosive) gas


Clamp installation, disc by the force of the media open, the fluid through;

When the medium stops flowing and the inlet pressure is less than the outlet pressure, the disc closes quickly. Thus effectively prevent the media flow back.

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