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RICH plateau oxygen generator is specially developed to solve the lack of oxygen in the plateau and the lack of oxygen in the air-conditioning environment. For long-term living in high terrain (the atmosphere is thin, the oxygen content is low), the air-conditioning environment is hypoxic (heavy pollution, local oxygen concentration is low) ), human beings with high work and study pressure, busy life and other factors causing hypoxia, need to use supplemental oxygen to alleviate the symptoms of hypoxia, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting recovery, preventing disease and improving health. At the same time, the medical oxygen molecular sieve used in the oxygen generator has strong adsorption performance for harmful gases, such as SO2, NO, etc., and can play a role in purifying the air.

Pharmaceutical nitrogen generators are mainly used in pharmaceutical production, storage, packaging, packaging and other fields. Medical nitrogen equipment (purity 99.99%) is based on nearly 40 years of experience focusing on pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators. The pharmaceutical nitrogen generators developed according to GMP specifications have low operating costs and stable nitrogen purity in use compared with liquid nitrogen. It is widely used by Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Dongsheng Technology Gaitianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Litai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and so on.



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