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The central oxygen supply of RICH and its supporting liquid oxygen supplementation system have been clinically verified in various hospitals, and our products meet and exceed the requirements of medical device product standards.

Turn plateau with oxygen generator is designed for solving the plateau hypoxia and oxygen air conditioning environment and development, to live for a long time in the high altitude (thin atmosphere, low oxygen content) of oxygen, air conditioning environment (pollution, local low oxygen concentration), work and study pressure big, busy life tension hypoxia caused by human factors, such as, need to use oxygen supply to alleviate symptoms of hypoxia, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting rehabilitation, prevention of disease and improve health. At the same time, medical oxygen molecular sieves used in oxygen making machine have strong adsorption performance for harmful gases (such as SO2, NO, etc.), which can purify air.

The special nitrogen making machine for pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in the fields of drug production, storage, packaging and packaging. Medical nitrogen device (nitrogen purity 99.99%) is a medical nitrogen machine developed according to GMP specification with nearly 40 years of professional experience in pressure swing adsorption. It is widely used by Tonghua Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Guangdong Litai pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd.



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