Flanged Filters

Strong decontamination
Less pressure drop, lower cost
Six filters to ensure the required quality of the air supply system
Fast technology and product service
High filtration efficiency; Good corrosion resistance and long service life
Large dust capacity, small pressure loss; Easy to replace filter element

Press - in filter for quick replacement.

Piston filter core and housing are sealed to prevent unfiltered gas from bypassing the filter.

Anticorrosion filter elements

Stainless steel cores to enhance structural performance, low airflow resistance, using seam welding to improve strength.

New "matrix mixed fiber" media, large effective surface area, improved filtering efficiency to ensure high efficiency, large open area, as far as possible to reduce pressure drop.

Enclosed foam sleeve is coated with coating to resist chemical corrosion of oil and acid, prevent coalescing liquid from mixing into air stream again and ensure efficient filtration.

The end cover of the disc is bonded to the medium with a special adhesive.

Contains no silicone.

Low temperature under 65 ℃.

Design life of levels 11, 9, 7 and 5 is 8000 hours at rating operating conditions.

Technical Index

Connection Type - flange connection


Note : standard filter includes only manual drain valve,please refer to drainage accessories list.



The upstream compressed air enters the filter through the air inlet and the top cover vent of the filter core. As the filter core is composed of several layers of filter materials with different functions, compressed air is blocked and trapped by water vapor, dust, oil mist and chemical odors through the effects of interception, inertia, gravity, diffusion and adsorption. Pure compressed air enters the downstream from the outlet channel of the filter shell cavity through the filter core, and the pneumatic device is continuously supplied for use. The trapped moisture, oil mist, dust and other harmful substances are collected at the bottom of the filter shell, and after reaching a certain capacity, the automatic drain opens the valve to discharge them out of the machine.

Components of Generator

The filter is generally composed of pressure difference meter, housing, filter core, blowdown valve and so on.

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