Shanghai RICH patent new products through Jinshan District project approval

Release Date: 2014-08-29

May 16, 2014, Jinshan District of Shanghai Science and technology committee chaired a Shanghai RICH the Jinshan patent new products (energy-saving nitrogen making machine) project acceptance will, through the layers of assessment, the project passed the acceptance, Ruiqi energy-saving nitrogen making machine to obtain patent title of new products.

For a period of one year of project implementation period, Shanghai RICH invested a total of science and technology funds 24.1826 million yuan were product technology, economy, and intellectual property rights three assessment. After testing, BGPN39-40 model nitrogen machine various technical indicators, the model in 2013 to achieve sales of 11000 yuan. Last year, Shanghai Ruiqi application and authorization of the 3 invention patents, utility model patents, 12 standards, the indicators meet the acceptance requirements.

In recent years, Shanghai RICH continuous innovation, launched a high efficient and energy saving, economical products to meet customer requirements for low energy consumption, low cost, make the products in the aspects of technology, performance and appearance is always in the forefront of the peer.

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