Accreditation of special equipment manufacturing license through the identification

Release Date: 2012-06-22

On June 21, 2012, the Shanghai City special equipment supervision and Inspection Institute identified on site assessment, Shanghai Ruiqi, pressure pipe and special equipment manufacturing license through the renewal of accreditation.

Shanghai rich gas equipment Co., Ltd. in July 2008 for the first time to obtain a special equipment pressure piping components manufacturing license, to constantly improve the quality assurance system since the license file, the system files and more to meet quality control management and TSG Z0004-2007 "special equipment manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance of quality assurance system of basic requirements" requirements, pay attention to personnel introduction and cultivation of good equipment and measuring instruments management, strictly control the quality of materials and subcontracting, outsourcing management, conscientiously implement the national laws and regulations, standards, industry standards, technical specifications, continuous improvement of pressure piping components manufacturing and quality assurance system to ensure product quality, manufacturing pressure piping components product quality and stability safe and reliable.

On June 21, 2012, arranged by the Shanghai City special equipment supervision and Inspection Institute of appraisal group of gas equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ruiqi B2 level valve (pipeline type pneumatic valves, check valves) and class B element combination device (oxygen machine, nitrogen making machine) pressure Guan Daoyuan parts manufacturing licensing on-site appraisal. Expert review group according to the provisions of the special equipment manufacture, installation, alteration, repair licensing appraisal rule ", in accordance with the related laws and regulations, standards, technical specifications were careful review, draws the appraisal conclusion is: to meet the conditions.

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