Main components of PSA nitrogen production system

Release Date: 2021-10-14

The main components of PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production system

1. Main components of nitrogen production equipment:
1. Air compressor,
2. Compressed air purification device,
3. PSA nitrogen generator,
4. Nitrogen detection device
2. Air post-treatment and purification system: It consists of a freeze dryer, three-stage precision filters for water removal, oil removal, and dust removal, and an automatic drain.
3. The function of the freeze dryer: freeze drying is used to remove water and cool air. The pressure dew point of the purified compressed air is 2 -10 ℃, the oil removal rate is 99.999%, and the dust particles are less than 0.01u to ensure that the adsorbent is not polluted. Provide sufficient protection for carbon molecular sieve and ensure the service life of carbon molecular sieve.
Fourth, the function of the air buffer tank: to improve the continuity of the output air flow and the stability of the pressure.
5. Pressure swing adsorption adsorption nitrogen production system: It consists of A and B adsorption towers, pneumatic valves, unqualified emptying and instrument control systems. The double adsorption tower performs alternate adsorption and regeneration, completes nitrogen and oxygen separation, and continuously outputs nitrogen.
6. Automatic control system: It is mainly composed of programmable PLC controller, indicating instrument, online display of purity analysis, and unqualified alarm.
7. Nitrogen buffer tank: consists of a nitrogen buffer tank and an output pressure regulating valve. Function: The nitrogen output from the main engine system is injected into the nitrogen buffer tank to ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen, and the output pressure regulating valve is composed. The pressure can be

adjusted by the pressure reducing valve.

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