Global industrial gas giants to increase investment

Release Date: 2015-06-19

It is reported that British famous industrial gas and consultings.ruite international, a consultancy, estimates that, the future five years of global industrial gas market will to 7.5%, 7% annual rate of rapid growth. Some industrial gas giants are investing more and investing in emerging markets.

2011 Air Liquide industrial investment over the same period increased by 21% to 17.5 billion euros, opened 16 sets of production equipment, including 9 sets in developing economies. 29 sets of industrial gas production device open 2012 Air Liquide plan, 8 of which is located in China.

In 2012 the United States Pulaikesi plans to invest 21 $- $24. The new hydrogen installation will account for a large part of the investment, especially in North America. About 35% of the company's investment will be used in North America, about 40% - 15% for Asia, 20% - 5% for South America, 10% - 35% for europe.

U.S. air chemical products company is also investing in new capacity. The company is expected to invest in 2012 was $22 - $19, a substantial increase of 20% - 40% in 2011. Air chemical products, like other industrial gases, are betting on energy and emerging markets.

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