PSA technology boosts the integration of the steel industry

Release Date: 2021-10-25

PSA technology boosts the integration of the steel industry

Cross-border innovation transforms steel mill exhaust gas into chemical products

Under the "dual carbon" goal, the steel industry is subject to industrial waste gas emitted from the production process, and its green development path has encountered obstacles. On June 24, at the 2nd Pressure Swing Adsorption Industry Development Conference held in Tianjin and the Industrial Application Summit Forum of Adsorption Separation Technology under the Background of "Double Carbon", experts from the chemical and steel industries reached a consensus: "Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology can realize the chemical resource utilization of waste gas from the iron and steel industry, and is a magic weapon to promote the integration of the steel and chemical industry."

PSA is a new type of comprehensive technology that can separate a variety of gases. Its working principle is to use adsorbents, according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, to extract the required gas from it by controlling temperature changes. PetroChina (5.950, 0.25, 4.39%) and Li Wenjun, director of the Science and Technology Equipment Division of the Chemical Industry Federation, said that PSA is one of the most important technologies in the field of gas separation and has been supporting the rapid development of many industrial fields such as petrochemicals, coal, and steel. . As two different industries, steel and chemical industries can break through the barriers between industries through PSA technology, which is of great significance for building a circular economy chain and taking the road of green development together.

"One of the ways for the steel industry to achieve green and low-carbon development is to develop in coordination with the chemical industry, encourage the implementation of co-production of steel and chemical, create a circular economy industrial chain between the steel and coking industries, and achieve efficient use of resources and energy." Institute of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Li Bing, director of the Carbon Development Research Center, said that PSA technology can separate and purify CO and other gases from CO-rich industrial waste gas and use it as an important chemical raw material for synthetic chemical products. Through PSA technology, steel mill exhaust gas is transformed into chemical products, namely steel and chemical co-production. This is a cross-border innovation that provides steel companies with a mode of coupled development of circular economy.

Liu Yingshu, a professor at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, believes that co-production of steel and gas is a green way for the utilization of coal gas resources in the steel process.

"Tempering integration is the general trend." Li Yankui, manager of the new business department of Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the development of blast furnace oxygen-enriching technology, blast furnaces have become one of the main oxygen sources for steel plants. Blast furnace oxygen-enriched pressure swing adsorption technology (VPSA) can reduce costs and carbon emissions. Iron and steel companies can choose appropriate process routes according to specific needs, give full play to process advantages, realize the coupled development of steel and chemical industries, and greatly reduce carbon emissions and help The goal of "dual carbon" was achieved.

Li Kebing, deputy chief engineer of Southwest Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., said that after more than 30 years of concentrated research and engineering practice, Southwest Institute has overcome a series of technical problems and created and improved a large-scale pressure swing adsorption system technology system with independent intellectual property rights. , Leading China's PSA technology to reach the world's first-class level. In the next step, the Southwest Institute will focus on the development of the steel industry chain, accelerate the research and development of new technologies, new equipment, and new products, continue to extend the industry chain, promote the clean and efficient transformation of the coking industry, and achieve high-quality development of the steel industry.

This meeting was hosted by the Gas Separation Equipment Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd., Southwest Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Luoyang Jianlong Micro-Nano (197.310, -5.38, -2.65%) New Materials Co., Ltd. Co-organized by the company. More than 80 representatives from Tianjin University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, as well as key companies in the adsorption industry, equipment manufacturers and user companies attended the meeting.


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