The use of nitrogen generator equipment

Release Date: 2021-10-26

The raw material of the nitrogen generator is air, and the nitrogen in the air is inexhaustible. There is no additional material loss, and it is difficult to hear the term nitrogen generator in our lives, because we rarely touch on nitrogen in our lives. However, there are a lot of nitrogen generators in the industry, and there is still a lot of demand for nitrogen generators in various industries. The following explains the use of nitrogen generators:
1. The special nitrogen generator for the petroleum and natural gas industry is suitable for the fields of nitrogen protection, transportation, coverage, replacement, emergency rescue, maintenance, nitrogen injection and oil extraction in mainland oil and natural gas exploitation, coastal and deep-sea oil and natural gas exploitation. It has the characteristics of high safety, strong adaptability and continuous production.
2. The special nitrogen generator for the chemical industry is suitable for petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new materials, etc. and its extended chemical product processing industries. Nitrogen is mainly used for covering, purging, replacing, cleaning, Pressure conveying, chemical reaction stirring, chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen filling protection and other fields.
3. The special nitrogen fertilizer machine for metallurgical industry is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, protective heating, powder metallurgy, copper and aluminum processing, magnetic material sintering, precious metal processing, bearing production and other fields. It has the characteristics of high purity, continuous production, and some processes require nitrogen to contain a certain amount of hydrogen to increase brightness.
4. The special nitrogen generator for the coal mining industry is suitable for the fields of fire prevention, gas and gas dilution in coal mining. It has three specifications: ground fixed, ground mobile, and underground mobile, which fully meets the nitrogen demand under different working conditions.
5. The special nitrogen generator for the rubber tire industry is suitable for the fields of nitrogen protection and molding during the vulcanization process of rubber and tire production. Especially in the production of all-steel radial tires, the new nitrogen vulcanization process has gradually replaced the steam vulcanization process. It has the characteristics of high nitrogen purity, continuous production, and high nitrogen pressure.
6. The special nitrogen generator for the food industry is suitable for green grain storage, food nitrogen-filled packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (canning) and preservation, etc.
7. Explosion-proof nitrogen generator is suitable for chemical, petroleum and natural gas and other places that require explosion-proof equipment.
8. The special nitrogen generator for the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical production, storage, packaging, packaging and so on.
9. The special nitrogen generator for the electronics industry is suitable for semiconductor production and packaging, electronic component production, LED, LCD liquid crystal display, lithium battery production and other fields. The nitrogen generator has the characteristics of high purity, small size, low noise and low energy consumption.
10. The containerized nitrogen generator is suitable for petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry and other related fields, that is, it has the characteristics of strong adaptability and movable operation.
11. The vehicle-mounted mobile nitrogen generator is suitable for the fields of oil and gas industry exploitation, pipeline purging, replacement, emergency rescue, flammable gas, liquid dilution and other fields. It is divided into low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure series. It has strong mobility, Features such as movable operations.
12. Nitrogen purging nitrogen generator for automobile tires is mainly used for purging nitrogen from automobile tires in 4S shops and auto repair shops, which can prolong the service life of tires and reduce noise and fuel consumption.

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